Confessions of a Lazy Reader

I’m a really bad reader. No, I know what words and sentences look like but I just haven’t read nearly as many books as I would have liked. If I had, then maybe I wouldn’t have had to do a Google search to discover how many lines of everyday speech come from Shakespeare. I was looking at a list the other day and was amazed at how many common phrases trace their roots back to the Bard. For example, “greek to me”, “love is blind”, “heart of gold”, and “break the ice” to name a few.

When I’m writing, I do try to craft phrases but sometimes it seems contrived. I want to say something in a way that is unique, but I certainly want to avoid being labeled as trying too hard to impress. Oh well, I guess that’s just the game I’m playing. Or maybe I could say “just the air I’m breathing” or “just the hill I’m climbing”. You get the point.

I really wanted to post a photo of my clean desk here but that task has yet to come to pass. It will soon, I promise.

However, I did have a revelation the other day that almost justifies not starting the actual writing. My original story was going to span 2 years. But then I realized that my sprawling epic wasn’t about sailing across the ocean or crossing the prairie where weeks or months could elapse between chapters. In the world we live in (or more accurately the near future of my story), modern technology makes communication virtually instantaneous and it was going to be downright impossible to maintain characters in believable situations.

In writing, I’m normally a measure once, cut 100 times kind of guy. I start the process and edit out huge chunks of text to get to where I want to be in the end. For a short story, I guess this still works, but for what I have going, planning better is going to be more productive. While I would have rather have started writing, I can see now that the extra time I’ve had to ruminate is going to pay off. I reduced the time-span of the story to about 12 months and now I can have ongoing character situations that don’t run the risk of becoming disjointed.

For those of you reading this, I’m going to ask again for your input regarding gadgets in the near future. C’mon guys, I need your help. Think about features that you would like to see on your phone or in social media.

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